Factory Control Center | FCTR

Why Factory Control Center?

Factory Control Center (FCTR) integrates 100% of the CAM, tool library, and production connectivity into SAP. Thus, follow-up processes, such as the determination of tool requirements and purchasing in SAP, can be seamlessly organized.

A central tool database reliably provides CAM programmers with the most suitable tools in their CAM system. The NC program, setup sheets, clamping plans, etc. are stored at the correct place in SAP with version security. So it is always transparent how a finished part was produced.

All necessary data, and information that is relevant for production are stored in the product development process in SAP and are made available to the chosen workstations at the shop floor in time.

FCTR provides optimum support in the provision of tools and other production aids, starting with the bearing, assembling and measuring tools, all the way to the CNC machine.

FCTR ensures that all current data and information are always available at the right time at the desired workstations, even for short-term changes in production.

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Core Functions

  • Integration of all CAM authoring systems in one system
  • Supply of NC machines with CAM documents and NC programs out of SAP (DNC)
  • Standardized classification, structuring and management of tools and tool assemblies
  • Generation of tool assemblies including CAD models
  • Central NC program management in SAP
  • Central tool data management in SAP
  • Tool lifecycle management

The technical base for FCTR – SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR

SAP Engineering Control Center – SAP ECTR – is the technical basis for Factory Control Center | FCTR. As a strategic integration platform of SAP for authoring tools, SAP ECTR integrates i.a. CAD systems (MCAD), electrical and electronic CAD systems (ECAD) also in SAP, as well as software management tools, MS Office and many other systems that generate product-related data.

SAP ECTR provides the connection to SAP as a central IT data backbone for FCTR . FCTR essentially extends the functionality of SAP ECTR towards production. It bridges the gap between engineering and manufacturing by directly integrating relevant processes such as DNC, CAM, tool data management and tool lifecycle management into the existing SAP system.

To use FCTR, you need SAP as the ERP and SAP Engineering Control Center.

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Tool Data Management

  • Unambiguous tool data in SAP, available across the whole company
  • Integrated tool editor with plausibility check for tool assembly
  • Best practice knowledge, e. g. cutting data, 2D/3D representations for an efficient job


  • Process correspondent integration of CAM-machining from design to manufacturing
  • Tested and reliable tool data from SAP right to the CAM application
  • All results of CAM-machining are available and controlled in SAP

Tool Lifecycle Management

  • Automation of routine tasks concerning tool provision
  • Machine-dependent detailed planning of tools for every production order
  • Plant-dependent load and unload lists, mounting and dismounting lists for tools


  • Bidirectional transfer of data and information from SAP to the work centers
  • Transfer of the right NC programs and set-up sheets to the machine in due time
  • Retransfer of edited NC programs to the correct place in SAP

Get in touch with us – E-Mail: info@dscsag.com – Phone: +49 721 9774-100

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